iTunes logo design

There has already been a lot written about the new iTunes logo (icon) redesign. While Apple clearly has in-house designers and has no need to hire a design agency, it’s interesting to read the feedback from the public.

I don’t really understand everyone’s criticism. It all seems so entitled and lacking any real justification. I read an interesting article which pointed to a page displaying various redesigns. One of them is entitled “The iTunes 10 icon. How it should be.” Sorry, but I think Apple’s design team did a better job than all of those replacements, including the one that is the “way it should be.”

Ultimately, I find it most interesting that the old icon, which had a CD(!!) didn’t spur any debate or discussion. It wasn’t until they finally did away with that ancient object that people suddenly feel the need to express more outrage than the next person to show off their superior sense of design? It just seems a bit much.

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